The increase of activities in different branches of sports has increased the interest of young people and the people of the region for the sports leading to developments of many professional athletes.



Hatayspor was founded in 1967 by prominent figures of the city in order to raise awareness for the sports and to avoid bad habits among the youth.

Founding members of Hatayspor: Razık Gazel (President), Orhan Aksuyu (Second President), Fatih Hocaoğlu (Chief Captain), Hüsnü Hataylı.

Hatayspor was formed in 1967-1968 season by combining Kurtuluşspor – Esnafspor and Reyhanlı Genclikspor.

Its colours are Bordeaux-White.  Also the green colour of the olive leaf has been taken as the third colour. The colour Bordeaux represents Nobility while the colour White represents Purity and the Olive leaf represents peace.

Today, Hatayspor is active in branches such as football, handball, table tennis, wrestling, basketball, volleyball, swimming, archery and athletics.

The most important registered branches are football, wrestling and athletics.

Hatayspor, one of the most well-known clubs in the 2nd League, has never experienced Super League.

Greatest success of the team was to complete the First League in rank 4 in recent years.



Founded in 2010 with great endeavours and started to play in Women’s Basketball Super League since 2011, Hatay Metropolitan Belediyespor Women’s Basketball Team, called “Angels of Hatay” has become one of the prominent teams in the league with its modest cadre and determination for the success.

Women basketball players fighting in Europe during the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 seasons played quarter-final in EuroCup tournament creating excitement and pride among the people of Hatay.

Going through a restructuring period in 2015- 2016 season, Hatay Metropolitan Municipality Sports club contracted with the coach Ekin Baş and finished the season in second place in the league.

Giving hard times to its opponent Fenerbahce in final matches, basketball players of Hatay gave the message that they are ready for Euroleague.

The angels of Hatay played in the national league, trophy and Europe in 2016-2017 season under the management of coach Aikaterini Chatzidaki and they did not disappoint once again the confidence of the people in the games played in these three lanes.

Concluding Euroleague in middle ranks in spite of participating for the first time, the basketball team continued its journey in Eurocup and became a matter of pride for the supporters playing semi-final in respective organization.

Supporting the teams of the city in every opportunity and being satisfied with the fight of the players for winning, the basketball lovers of Hatay seem to support their team until to the last whistle of the referee.



Aba wrestling, one of the oldest sports branches in Turkish history and known as the first type of wrestling made with clothes in the world, has become a branch of interest all over the world with the successful performance of Hatay Büyükşehir Belediyespor Aba Güreşi Team in homeland and in abroad. The wrestlers of Metropolitan Municipality becoming the winners of third International Aba Wrestling Tournament organized in Germany contributed greatly to the promotion of this sport in the world.

Hatay Metropolitan Municipality striving to pass this 5000 years old traditional Turkish sport to next generations realized various promising projects in this regard. Founding International Aba Wrestling Foundation, the Municipality introduced this sport that is assumed to be the precedent of judo in various countries ranging from Germany, Tajikistan, Iran to Latvia.

Last year, the 7th International Aba Güreşi World Cup Championship was hosted by Hatay on 17-18 September and 200 athletes from 35 countries participated in the championship.

During the championship organized in aba güreci mersah constructed in Hatay Metropolitan Municipality Sports Complex and Life Center, sports lovers enjoyed tournament for two days.

The competitions were organized in 5 different categories, namely 60, 70, 80, 90 and +90 bodyweight and the countries participated with 5 athletes for each category. The athletes ranked in the top ranks were rewarded with Republic gold.