Hatay is recognized to the the motherland of Olive, the lands olives first grew. The fact that olive fist grew in Hatay is proven by the wild olive forms still growing on the mountains. The 1350 year-old Olive Tree in the Payas district of Hatay is recognized as the “monumental tree”, and put under protection to set an example.
“Hatay Research Institute of Olive Cultivation” was founded 2011 in Hatay in order to protect olives, which are a great value of our city, to maintain the production and operation sustainability in the city, to promote olive and pass it to the next generations.

Providing service in education and production, the institute aims to genetically protect the olive types peculiar to Hatay, and thus to preserve the specific tissue and oil ratio. This institute aims to preserve the level of quality and purity through conducting scientific researches on table olive and olive oil.  Olive oil production in Hatay meets 87% of the city’s olive oil need, as well as being put on domestic and foreign market.

Moreover, founded in our region in 2009, Eastern Mediterranean Development Agency (DOĞAKA) has been continuing its studies and applications regarding the acquisition of geographical indications of Hatay since 2014, actively working conjointly with Mustafa Kemal University and Hatay Governorship. In 2007, geographical indication of “Kunafah” was acquired. And works are continued conjointly with MKU and TOBB for the “salty yogurt” and “blue cottage cheese (sürk)”, which are peculiar to Hatay.

Regional products such as Table Olive, Olive Oil,  Pomegranate Syrup, and Red Onion, which are indigenous to Hatay, are the products that will be applied for in order that they rank among the geographical


Hatay Union of Chambers of Merchants and Craftsmen have 70 Professional Chambers, 14 of which can be related to the gastronomy.  To list respective chambers;

Kırıkhan Butchers and Restaurant Owner Professional Chamber

Kırıkhan Retail Professional Chamber

Iskenderun Fruit and Vegetables Artisan Chamber

Iskenderun Restaurant, Steakhouse and Patisserie Owner Professional Chamber

Iskenderun Butchers Professional Chamber

Iskenderun Cafes Owner Professional Chamber

Iskenderun Bakeries Professional Chamber

Iskenderun Retail Professional Chamber

Samandağ Retail Professional Chamber

Antakya Confectionery and Dessert makers Professional Chamber

Antakya Butchers Professional Chamber

Antakya Cafes, Hotel Business and Restaurant Owner Professional Chamber

Antakya Bakeries Professional Chamber

Antakya Retail and Greengrocer Professional Chamber

Union of Chambers of Merchants and Craftsmen was founded to establish the unity merchants and craftsmen, to provide development and progress, to develop professional trainings, to represent merchants and craftsmen in national and international arena, to take necessary initiatives in the institutions and organizations for the solution of their problems, to take professional measures in parallel with the developments in the national economy, to conduct missions and tasks to be assigned by the relevant Ministry in regard to the merchants and craftsmen.

Tasks of the Chambers:

To fulfil the duties given by the Union of Chambers in accordance with the legislation; to prepare the trainings, theoretical and practical course programs and relevant budget estimate for the activity plan of the new year and submit it to the approval of the general assembly; to take measures that are necessary and useful for maintaining and surviving professions and arts of chamber members; to organize exhibitions and fairs within and outside the country; to support and participate respective organizations; to undertake studies to become members of professional institutions outside the country provided that the ministry grants a permit; to take necessary precautions for the survival and protection of the lost professions; to inform the Union of Chambers in regard to respective measures taken.


The Confederation was formed in form of 4 regional federations (Marmara Cooks and Confectioners Federation, Black Sea Cooks and Confectioners Federation, Anatolian Cooks and Confectioners Federation, Aegean-Mediterranean Cooks and Confectioners Federation) and 29 associations to contribute to the development of cookery and pastry professions, cooks and confectioners in Turkey, to preserve the values of national cuisine and our local cuisines by adapting them according to living standards of the contemporary society, to increase the professional and social solidarity among the cooks and pastors in our country and to establish professional cooperation and solidary between the associations, organizations and people working in respective businesses. Today, the Confederation maintains its operations with 7 federations in 7 geographical regions and 51 associations in 51 provinces. The precedent of the Confederation as Federation of Cooks and Confectioners (ASPAFED) founded in  2013. TASPAKON is the biggest High Level Professional Organization on Cookery and Pastry in Turkey founded as per Law No 5253 on Associations. It is the only Confederation in the world in this area.


The society was founded with the aim to contribute to the development of arts of cookery and confection, cooks and confectioners, to protect and make the valuable foods of the Hatay regional cuisine suitable for modern living standards, to increase the professional and social solidarity between the the cooks and confectioners in Turkey and the ones operating in Hatay, and to support and cooperate with the individuals and institutions that conduct works with regards to service subjects. Hatay Cooks and Confectioners Society is a member of Mediterranean Cooks and Confectioners Federation (AKAPAFED), affiliated to the All Cooks and Confectioners Confederation (TAŞPAKON).

Hatay Cooks and Confectioners Society also collaborates with non-governmental organizations working on issues such as healthy nutrition, organic agriculture, hygiene and food safety protection, and with the platforms opposing to the use of genetically modified foods, and it continually supports and participates to works related to such issues. Hatay Cooks and Confectioners Society takes charge in all other social branches that concerns its filed a wider perspective besides cooking and presentation, which are the fundamental duties of the cook and confectioner, and it carries this mission all the time.

Our cooks and confectioners must have skills such as speaking foreign languages, managerial qualification, theoretical knowledge on nutrition and food technology, and social life as well as having practical skills in order that they represent themselves and our country in international platforms.
This is only possible with the increased number of cooks and confectioners that are trained in institutions and organizations implementing a correct training program by realistically blending the theoretical and practical knowledge.

Thus, of the the most important aims of Hatay Cooks and Confectioners Society is to collaborate with institutions and organizations that provide cookery and confection trainings, to provide unrequited support, and to take the necessary steps in order to increase the number and quality of such institutions and organizations.

Hatay Cooks and Confectioners Society, where cooks and confectioners working sincerely and unrequitedly with innovative and venturesome ideas in order to serve to the Arts of Cookery and Confection meet, continues to tirelessly work in order to reach the goals and aims it set.



It was founded in March 2017. It is a community that has been established in order to increase the Tourism Travel and Gastronomy knowledge and skills of Mustafa Kemal University students, to improve their collaboration skills,to increase their participation to social and cultural activities, and to provide them with international information. It works with a sustainable tourism understating to contribute to the promotion and branding of eco-tourism, rural tourism, agro-tourism, culture tourism, gastronomy tourism and faith tourism. It collaborates with other institutions and organizations in order to contribute to promotion and branding of Regional Tourism and Gastronomy fields (Indigenous foods, beverages, etc.), which are important in terms of the cultural values of Hatay.

Tourism Travel and Gastronomy Community organizes seminars, conferences, knowledge festivals, courses and panels, and releases publications such as newspapers, journals, books, and brochures.