Hatay Gastronomy Expo

 World Gastronomy Culinary Exposition

“World Gastronomy Culinary Exposition” will be initiated by Hatay for all interested members of the UCCN gastronomy cities. Programme duration is two weeks per year.

“Gastronomy Street Festivals with live music” for 5 days.

“International Civilization Recipes Gurmet Festival” for 3 days. International historical culinary competitions where the assessment of chefs’ and pastry chefs’ performances will be tested

“Kid chefs cooking contests and festival” for 3 days.

“End to famine; disadvanteged people and refugees soup contest and free soup for everybody” for 3 days.

Expos offer a multifaceted event where extraordinary exhibitions, diplomatic encounters, business meetings, public debates and live shows take place at the same time to foster creativity industry. Old historical town of Hatay is an excellent location for such an event. Hatay Expo 2021 garden Expo studies gave us a new insight and feasibility of such above mentioned challenging project.

What we see developing naturally in many cities are entertainment and food/ drinking districts. Agglomeration benefits businesses who can pool their marketing and parking, rely on higher levels of public transport and police security, and generally benefit from the tendency of residents and visitors alike to spend time in areas where there are lots of choices and plenty of activity. Cities often label these districts and develop them through various regulations.


The difference of Hatay World Gastronomy Culinay Exposition then the other Gastronomy Expos is the integration of children, refugees and the disadvantaged people into the Expo. Historical old town gastronomy village will be used as Expo site for two weeks.