Bearing the tracks of Seleucia Pieria, Çevik is built on the sides of Mountain of Mosses.

Even though it was established in the Hellenistic period, some cave settlements from the Paleolithic age have been discovered. The most important reason behind the establishment of this city was the desire to dominate the Mediterranean Sea back then.



Known to be the place where the city of  Rhosus was built during the Seleucid period, Arsuz is a holiday and tourism district.

Serves as a sea tourism resort in summers.

Belen Güzelyayla

Dominated by greenery and a unique forest, the region is located on a favorable position for health tourism.

This highland, as the viewing terrace of the İskenderun gulf, attracts the attention of the local people especially during summers.

Nature and Sea Tourism

Hatay is favorable for various special tourism activities due to its forested lands, flora, fauna, and land forms along with its sea, highlands and similar basic natural assets.

Extreme sports such as mountain biking and hiking, hunting, camping, caravan stays, bird watching, diving and aquatic sports are the primary special activities.

Moreover; in İskenderun and Samandağ, boat trips are organized for touristic purposes.