Picnic Areas


Teknepınar (Batıayaz) Area

The picnic area is accessed with 20 km paved road from Antakya or 17 km stabilized road from Samandag district.  It is a highland village blended with history and nature. The village is in the focus of domestic visitors and international visitors from Middle East countries with its ice-cold crystal waters in camping and picnic areas, all kinds of vegetables and fruits of the Mediterranean region, its proximity to the Middle East. There are dining facilities and camping sites in the highland.


Nergizlik Picnic Area

It is located 4 km away from Belen-Güzelyayla and is connected to İskenderun by asphalt road. There are electricity, telephone and drinking water system available.


Belen-Güzelyayla (Soğukoluk) Picnic Area

The picnic area can be reached from a winding route where greenery and forest are dominant starting from 8 km paved road between Belen District-Sarımazı Neighborhood. There are public transport minibuses available in Belen and Iskenderun that you may choose for accessing to the highlands. Highland tradition continues for centuries in Guzelyayla. Infrastructure problems are partially solved, and the area attracts the people as it is close to the sea. Serving as viewing terrace of Iskenderun Bay, the highland is habitable location with the ballads and poems written on its name together with its old and new types of houses constructed among the pine trees and wild flowers. It is convenient for camping, picnic, short trips in the forest.

There are pensions and restaurants available in the highland for accommodation and dining purposes.


Erzin- Kocadüz- Üçkoz- Bağrıaçık-Karıncalı Picnic Area

It is a group of highlands mostly preferred by people of Erzin and Osmaniye districts in summer months where simple highland houses blended with natural texture among the pine trees and fir trees. Highlands located close to each other are suitable for trekking. The highlands are entirely covered with pine trees, juniper, fir, thyme, chamomile and other wildflowers. The highland houses are properties of the local people.


Belen District and Atık Picnic Area

Atık highland that is starting point of Atık spring famous for people of Iskenderun and Kırıkhan is a village of Belen district. There are groceries and coffee houses in the highland that is located among the pine, plane trees and fruit gardens. The highland attracts the people due to its greenery area and proximity to the coasts of the sea. There are accommodation facilities, restaurants and dining facilities in the highland.


Kırıkhan Delibekirli Köyü and Çataloluk Picnic Area

Delibekirli Village is a charming highland village set among gardens and vineyards where all kinds of fruits and vegetables of the Mediterranean region grow. Çataloluk highland is located at 7 km distance to the Village. The village surrounded with monumental plane trees provides drinking water of Kırıkhan district (from Unguzlu area). The highland is worth of visiting and seeing. There are daily dining facilities, restaurants and coffee houses in Delibekirli village.


Alan Highland (Kırıkhan) Picnic Area

It is located 18 km from Kırıkhan district. It is very famous with its air quality, water and its nature.

The highland surrounded entirely with pine forests, spreading out over a very wide area with all its beauty.

At the same time, it is connected to the town of Iskenderun by a stabilization route of 40 km.

The highlands of Haymapinar, Değirmendere, Paşaoluk, Akarca and Çamlıbel on this road are used by the people of Iskenderun and surrounding villages.

Those who want to camp and have a picnic in the highland blossoming thousand flowers in spring time should take all their needs with them.


Dörtyol (Çökek) Highland Picnic Area

It is reached by a 16 km stabilized road surrounded with pine, juniper and scrubs intertwined with the forest.

The people of Dörtyol accommodate in the highland especially in the summer where you may find wooden highland architecture and the concrete houses together. Those who want to camp, have a picnic or go on a hike should take their tents, sleeping bags and food with them.

Müftüler Picnic Area E-91 International Road is only 4 km to the village from Sarımazı Neighbourhood.

The picnic area in Güzelyayla (Soğukoluk) Antuan region provides the needs of the people with its picnic areas, common wc and washbasins and dishwashing benches.