Dried Foods

Dried Foods

For centuries, people came up with different methods with the desire to use the foods they obtain for longer periods. The oldest and natural one of these methods is drying. Although people also adopted cooking and salting, drying is the most important storing method. Hatay cuisine is rich in dried fruits and vegetables.

Jams and brined storing methods can also be seen. In Hatay cuisine, many fruits and vegetables such as wheat, fig, mulberry, helichrysum, jujube, apple, black eyed pea, eggplant, and tomato are stored to be used in desserts and jams. Fresh yogurt is dried by boiling with salt in cauldrons with wood fire, and stored to be used in winter dishes and breakfasts.

There is no dried meat in Hatay cuisine. Instead, there is fried meat. It is one of the storage methods. Meats diced in Sacrifice Feast are fired in lots of tail fat, and stored after filled in pots and large earthenware jugs.

And fresh herbs such as Thyme and Basil are dried and used as spices. The local blue cheese is made by mixing the fresh cottage cheese with spices.