İskenderun Gulf is especially rich in jumbo shrimps. This shrimp type is big and very fleshy. When the water gets cold in İskenderun Gulf, shrimps migrate to warm waters in colonies. And when the water of the Gulf starts to get warmer, their journey back to the gulf begins. Getting bigger as they travel, their feet start to fall starting from the back.

A significant part of the shrimps arriving İskenderun Gulf are left with two feet, and these are called “Jumbo”. The most delicious Jumbo Shrimps of the world are found no where but in İskenderun Gulf. İskenderun Gulf “Jumbo Shrimps” fall under the luxurious food class in the five-star hotels both in İstanbul and in Europe, and are sold for high prices.

İskenderun shrimp classified as a wonder food due to being a vitamin, mineral, B12 and protein source, and as a anticancer food due to the selenium in contains.
Large Jumbo shrimps, living in 10 to 20 meters depth in the Gulf, are exported under the brand of “İskenderun Jumbo Shrimp”. Although large shrimps are caught in the costs of many countries in the world, it is known that they are not as delicious as the “İskenderun Shrimp”. Known as the “large shrimp”, this shrimp settled in İskenderun Gulf coming from the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea after the Suez Canal was opened.

They are frozen and exported from İskenderun, or iced and put on the domestic market. Being taken from İskenderun gulf to Karabiga gulf in Marmara for transplantation in 1960’s, even though this shrimp type showed a significant reproduction in the region for a couple of years, it did not continue and jumbo shrimp remained to be a brand of the İskenderun Gulf.