Daphne (Bay) Leaf

Daphne (Bay) Leaf

According to the Ancient Greek Mythology, Apollo, the God of Light, and son of Zeus, saw a young woman. Name of the beautiful woman was Daphne, and Apollo fell in love with her at first sight. Daphne enjoyed wandering around in the depths of the forest, chasing and hunting wild animals under the moon’s light was her biggest entertainment.

She loved wandering alone. Moreover, Daphne swore to live forever alone. She despised men, so she absolutely did not want to get married.

However, Apollo was crazy about her, and would not let her go. When they came across in the woods, God Apollo wanted to talk to this beautiful woman, but Daphne got scared of him and started to run. Apollo could not persuade her to stop no matter what he said, for Daphne got scared already. She ran and ran, until she could not any longer, then she collapsed, and started to beg the mother earth.

“Mother earth, cover me, hide me, save me.”

Mother earth heard her crying, and after a while, Daphne started to feel that her aching legs were getting hardened, lignified. A gray bark covered her chest. Her odorous hair became leaves, and her arms grew longer as branches, and her small feet became roots and went deep in the earth.

Apollo was shocked to bump into a tree while trying to hug the girl he loved. After that day, Daphne tree became Apollo’s favorite tree, and Daphne leaves became the wreath on top of the young god’s hair. Heroes wore wreath made of Daphne leaves as a reward.

Daphne’s tears created the Harbiye Fall.

Daphne leaf is a plant fondly used by many people due to its pleasant odor and aroma. Especially when it is used in dishes, it adds a great taste and aroma. It is preferred by most people in meat and fish food. Famous diners use the leaves of this curative and delicious plant abundantly.

Daphne is an evergreen tree that is known for its odor world-wide, and its branches has represented peace throughout the history. Fruits and leaves of Daphne tree is used separately in many fields.

In Europe, tomato paste is cooked with daphne leaves so that the paste is more durable and delicious, and pastes made this was do not get moldy for long periods. Daphne leaves are included to many dishes to add flavor. And daphne oil is obtained from the fruits of daphne tree as well, and is used in cosmetics and soap production.