Pomegranates Syrup

Hatay pomegranate is the highest quality pomegranate in Turkey. Producing its syrup is hard and tedious. It is made of ungrafted pomegranates.  Pomegranates harvested from trees grown in high mountain sides on barren lands in August and September are cut into two pieces.

These cut pomegranates are granulated by hitting on the peels with fresh cut wooden sticks. Then the seeds are put into a clean sack, trampled down on a firm and clean ground, and the juice is filtered. Squeezed pomegranates juice is boiled in large cauldrons with wood fire for around 6 hours.
Pomegranate juice is stirred while being boiled, and the foam accumulating on top is continuously removed.
After the juice is well-boiled, its color turns into dark black, and when consistence is enough, it is put off the fire and cooled. 1kg of pomegranate syrup is obtained from 15kg of pomegranates.

Real pomegranate syrup is highly consistent, just like honey, has a harsh taste and almost black color.