Olive Oil


Hatay is one of the few cities in Turkey that maintain the traditional olive oil production. In Hatay, olive oil is is produced with a special technique called “water olive”. It is made of Halhalı olive, which is one of the highest quality olive of our region.

This technique operates this way; ripe olives are crushed in a large stone mortar, and then hot water is poured on the crushed olives. Pureed olives and hot water becomes slurry through mixing. Women squeeze these puree out the hot water.

The oil accumulating on the water in special pools are collected from the surface of the hot water.  Since the temperature of the hot water used in the production process is not very high, the output of the olives is low, but the quality of the olive oil is high.

It is especially important not to break the seeds while crushing the olives. Quality of the Water Olive is high since the crushed bitter seed oil does not get mixed with the olive.

Since producing olive oil with this technique is really hard, it is mostly produced to meet the needs of the household rather than commercial purposes, and only private companies sell this in small quantities.

This olive oil is crushed in large stone mortars set in the village streets using horses or donkeys, and produced for private needs in pits in courtyards of houses, or in public pits. Since the process requires lost of effort and the cost is high, it is not produced for commercial purposes. Oil acid rate is 0.

In Altınözü district of Hatay, local people offer “Cheese Halva” to people who will help in the process of water olive, so that they are strengthened. With the first olive produced, “Bulgur with Pepper” is made and treated to everyone.


It is obtained through squeezing the Halhalı Olives, which are harvested without becoming fully ripe, with Cold Squeezing Methods. Acid rates of this olive is 0.6. Taste, smell and vitamins in the olive are not lost.

Cold Squeezed Olive Oil is a type of oil that is obtained without using any hight heat or chemical substances during the production process. Temperature does not exceed 30% in Cold Squeeze Oils.


It is the olive oil that is used by every villager that produce its own oil, and it is a traditional and filtered olive oil that leaves a light fruit taste in the mouth. Olives harvested in October and November are directly taken to olive clamps, which can be found almost anywhere in Hatay.

Meticulously separated and then washed olives are crushed in the clamp, and thus olive oil is obtained. Olive oil does not go through any chemical processes during its production, and under no circumstances it is mixed with other oils.

Due to lots of oxygen, favorable climate, and the suitable soil structure provided by the Mediterranean Sea, this olive oil would just easily go through your throat even though you drank it.