Originating from South Eastern Asia, citrus production in modern sense started in the US in 19th century, and rapidly spread. Citrus is cultivated between the 40 degrees north and south latitudes on the world. Citrus is the widely cultivated and consumed fruit group all over the world. Citrus includes plant types such as orange, lemon, tangerine, and grapefruit. Fruits of such plants are benefited as food, and the volatile oil used in perfumes for giving odor is obtained from their peels, leaves and blossoms. In 2007, the Turkish Citrus Promotion Group was founded in Hatay by entrepreneur Ali Kıvrak. Mostly lemons, tangerines, oranges, petitgrains and citrons are cultivated in Hatay.


Orange: With a total production of 279,585 tons, Hatay ranks as the 2nd biggest Orange (Washington) cultivator in Turkey. Orange (Washington) cultivation in our city comprises 20.59% of the total production in Turkey.


Kütdiken (Femminello):

Cultivated in the Mediterranean Region in Turkey, especially in Hatay, this type is stored in the natural caves in Ürgüp and Göreme, and known to be ripe and juicy.


Turkey is the primary cultivator of this type all over the world, especially in Eastern Mediterranean region, in Hatay. Growing ripe really early, this lemon has the biggest share in the lemon export of Turkey.

Tangerine: Hatay ranks the 1st in tangerine production with a total 402,601 tons. This comprises 50.64% of the total production in Turkey. 

Bitter Orange: Called citrus aurantium in Latin, bitter orange is listed under the citrus family, and remarked due to its resemblance to orange. It is used both in jam making and desserts in Hatay.

Citron: Being a member of citrus family, growing in Hatay region and resembling to lemon, this fruit is as big as a melon, and is sour. Decreasing the sour taste of citron and flavoring it is a long and tedious process. It is scarcely found, mainly in Antakya, and there are limited number of citron trees. It arrived Hatay from India through the Spice Road. Its peel and inner fruit part are cut into pieces, and used in salad or sauce making with salt and olive oil. Citron jam and desserts are also made.